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Best known as Doctor Who

Best known as for his roles as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in TV series Hannibal, villain Kaecilius in Marvel's Doctor Strange, & Galen Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

American actor and comedian, best known for his work as a cast member on "Saturday Night Live", his role as Bob on the first four seasons of "The Middle", and for playing Doug Butabi in "A Night at the Roxbury"

Best known for her role as Wednesday Addams in "The Addams Family"

Best known for his role as the bounty hunter Jango Fett in Star Wars: Episode II – "Attack of the Clones"

Best known for his portrayal of young Boba Fett in "Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones"

Best known as female lead of the Skydance / Netflix series, ALTERED CARBON

Best known as Darth Maul in "Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace" and Toad in "X-Men"

Best known for his role as Emperor Palpatine in George Lucas's Star Wars films

Best known for playing Lieutenant Kara "Starbuck" Thrace on the Sci Fi Channel's television program Battlestar Galactica.

Known as host of “MythBusters” and Tested.com

Co-Executive Producer on FXX’s "Archer"

Best known for their work on KOFY

The Ghost Finders on The Roku Channel

Best known as Beaver Cleaver in "Leave it to Beaver"

Firefly, Serenity, and Stargate: Atlantis

Best known as the host of "Creature Features"

Best known as the voice of Cheryl/Carol/Cristal/Carina/Cherlene/Charolette on Archer

Best known credits include “Adventures in Babysitting," “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead,” “Hiding Out” and “The Fox & the Hound”

Actress best known for her role as Plenty O'Toole in the James Bond film "Diamonds Are Forever"

Best known for his syndicated TV series Lord Blood-Rah's Nerve Wrackin' Theatre

Actor best known as “Crackers” on FXX’s hit animated series Archer

Best known for her role as Tinker Bell in the Walt Disney Picture animated feature "Peter Pan"

Executive Producer of FXX's "Archer"

"Neville Longbottom" in the Harry Potter films, Happy Valley, and Me Before You.

"Lord of the Rings", "Stranger Things 2", "The Goonies", and many more!

Best known for his award-winning documentary films “Remembering Playland at the Beach” and “Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong”

Best known as Wally Cleaver in "Leave it to Beaver"

Best known to the world as Vince Vandal, the front man for the former heavy metal group “Prince of Darkness”, Vincent is now the host of the new incarnation of the Bay Area classic television show Creature Features.

Best known for "Hellboy: The Wolves of St. August" as well as her work on several DC Comics.

Known for his work on Batman:Thrillkiller, JLA: Seven Caskets, Legends of the Dark Knight, Deadpool, Captain America: Living Legend & more

One of the world’s best known cartoonists of “Uncle $crooge” and “Donald Duck”

Star Wars, Batman the Brave and the Bold, Indiana Jones Adventures, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ben 10, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans Go, Legion Of Superheroes, Dexter's Laboratory, and Samurai Jack

Frank Cirocco is best known for his work on Alien Legion, as well as creating the covers for several Marvel Comics.

Numerous "Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards", Best Cover Artist

Former Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics; founder of VALIANT, DEFIANT, and Broadway Comics

Best known for his best-selling steampunk comic "Lady Mechanika"

Best known for The Death of Hawkman, Doctor Strange, and Batman #27

Known for his work on Frank Miller's Wolverine mini-series, Aquaman, and Archenemines.

Best known for her work for Eclipse and Marvel, her 2D animation on Maniac Mansion, and more!

Founding editor of Disney Adventures magazine, Senior Editor at DC Comics and Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics

New York Times best selling comic book Inker/Artist of "The Darkness" and co-creator of "Ascension"

Comic creator of Think Tank, The Tithe, Necromancer, VICE, Lady Pendragon, Aphrodite IX, Tales of Honor

Known worldwide as a manga artist and illustrator.

Best known for his work on Deadpool

Best known for his work on ABC Warriors, Lobo and Sláine.

Known for his work with animation film director Ralph Bakshi and on X-Men Evolution.

Best known as the pioneer of the genre of "hentai and Manga"

Science & Tech

Best known as a prolific author and founder of TED & TEDMED

Creative Director of Assassin's Creed and Far Cry franchises (Ubisoft) and The Sims, Spore and Army of Two (Electronic Arts)

Kiki has been in the video games industry for 20 years, starting off as a motion graphics and cinematics artist.

VP/Head of Production for WB Games Montreal where he worked on Batman: Arkham Knight, Batman: Arkham Origins, and LEGO: Legends of Chima Online

CEO at Tigertron and Executive Producer of company's debut title Jupiter & Mars

Founder and CEO of Littlstar, a premium cinematic Virtual Reality network


Award winning author and curator of Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of The Martian and Artemis

Best known for his acclaimed Powder Mage Universe and essays on the life and business of being a writer

Best known for thriller series I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER and post-apocalyptic teen series PARTIALS

Author of one of the best-known, best-loved episodes of Star Trek (original series), "The Trouble with Tribbles"

Co-author of Rise of the Black Panther comics

Co-author of ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story

Fantasy artist and novelist who has contributed artwork to Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons source books, including Oriental Adventures, Epic Level Handbook, and Fiend Folio

Best known as the bestselling author of the "Tears of Rage" and "Halloween Jack" series

Best known for her work as co-creator with George R.R. Martin of the Wild Card Series & she wrote the script for Star Trek: TNG episode "The Measure of a Man"

American writer of fantasy novels and trilogies interlinked and set in the world of Velgarth

Creator of The Elric of Melniboné Saga and Architect of New Wave Science Fiction

Best known for “A Tale of the Red Riding Rise of the Alpha Huntress,” “Clan of the Vein” and “Kaijudo Clash of the Duel Masters”

Best Known as the authors of “The Strand Prophecy,” “Extinctions Embrace,” “Red Moon Rising,” and “The Perfect Compatibility Test”

Best Known for for continuing the Dragonriders of Pern series in collaboration with his mother Anne McCaffrey


Ivy Doomkitty

Known for her Witchblade and Princess Zelda

Known for array of League of Legends cosplays

Known for her array of League of Legends cosplays

Known for her Game of Thrones and World of Warcraft Cosplays

Best known for her rendition of Wonder Woman

Best known as a DJ, model, and entrepreneur

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