Appearing all three days

Katharine Lee

Katharine Lee is the Deputy Chief of the Aviation Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center, a role she has served since 2012. The division leads the Agency’s research and development in air traffic management (ATM) and also operates high-fidelity flight simulation systems. Prior to serving as Deputy Division Chief, Ms. Lee served in other management roles within the Division and as a first line supervisor in a research branch. She joined NASA Ames as a civil servant in 1997 after having worked as a contractor with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and as a student intern for San Jose State University Foundation, both positions at Ames Research Center.

Ms. Lee’s technical background is in human factors, applied to ATM decision support automation. She has a Masters Degree in Psychology from San Jose State University and Bachelors Degrees in Biophysics and Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley. As a graduate student intern in human factors, Ms. Lee worked with NASA Ames researchers investigating the communication patterns of airline pilots who were transitioning to more advanced cockpit automation. As a contractor supporting the FAA liaison office at NASA Ames, and later as a NASA researcher, she evaluated the human factors impact of ATM automation tools (such as the Center-TRACON Automation System (CTAS)) on the human users and system performance. She has authored or co-authored 20 technical publications.

She and her husband strive for a harmonious work-life balance in Fremont, CA, where they have been raising their three children.