Appearing all three days

Luke Gygax

Luke Gygax is the son of Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax and literally grew up at the gaming table with the designers that founded the industry. He has authored several role-playing game accessories over his lifetime including Legion of Gold (TSR, Inc), The Lost City of Gaxmoor (Troll Lord Games), The Blighted Lands series and Plan B series (Good Omen Productions). Luke is best known for organizing Gary Con, a memorial game convention held in honor of his father, in his hometown of Lake Geneva, WI. Gary Con attracts dozens of  Guests from the earliest days of role playing industry to the top designers developing the biggest games today.  Luke is active in the Los Angeles gaming community participating in streaming D&D games and interviews, and even hosting his own streaming event in July called Founders & Legends on   Luke is a major with 30 years of service in the United States Army and he is currently serving as the Operations Officer for the 224th Sustainment Brigade whose motto is “The Dragonslayers”.