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Marshall Mosher

Marshall Mosher, from Atlanta, Georgia, is a 2015 graduate of the University of Georgia
where he completed a triple major in Biology, Psychology, and Economics along with a Masters in Public Health Administration. After graduation, Marshall participated in Singularity University’s annual Global Startup Program (GSP) where he was dedicated to positively impacting America’s obesity problem in encouraging a more active and healthy lifestyle through the power of exponential technology. In an effort to encourage physical activity as a tool for both physical and mental enhancement, Marshall combined his passions for Public Health and action/adventure sports with the founding of Vestigo. With clients like CNN, Home Depot, and Chick-fil-A, Vestigo utilizes the mental performance enhancing power of adventure sports, both real and virtual, to create experiences that train teams to embrace innovation, tap into the Flow State, and successfully navigate change, using adventure as a catalyst for both positive health impact and fostering a mindset of limitless possibilities. To live by this mindset in his personal life, Marshall is a semi-pro multisport adventure athlete constantly seeking to challenge his own limits as a Jet Suit Pilot, paraglider pilot, ultralight aviation pilot, Class V whitewater paddler, mountain biker, snowboarder, kite boarder, scuba diver, caver, and climber. As a Gravity Jet Suit pilot and leader of the US Gravity team, Marshall led the creation of the first Gravity Jet Suit Flight Training Experiences, where he taught Peter Diamandis and several other prominent tech leaders and CEO’s how to take on Gravity and experience Jet Suit powered flight for the first time.