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Parisa Tabriz

Parisa Tabriz is a Senior Director of Engineering at Google, currently responsible for building the Chrome browser and keeping its 2+ billion active users around the world safe. She also manages the Project Zero offensive security research team, is affectionately known as Google’s “Security Princess” (her former job title!), and has worked on information security at Google for over a decade, starting as a “hired hacker” software engineer for Google’s security team. As an engineer, she found and closed security holes in dozens of Google’s web applications, and taught other engineers how to do the same.

Outside of Google, Parisa served as a consultant to the White House U.S. Digital Service to enhance security of government technology, lectured at the Harvard Kennedy School, co-founded the OURSA pop-up conference, and has consulted with multiple entertainment writers to help them understand the world of cybersecurity and technology so they can create and depict more accurate, diverse stories.

Parisa has been featured in WIRED’s Next List (2017), Elle (2014), Forbes (30 under 30 pioneers in technology, 2012), and is a character in the “Ara the Star Engineer” children’s book. She holds a Masters of Science degree from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) with published work in privacy enhancing technologies and wireless security. When she’s not hacking, she likes to make things (art, food, miscellaneous DIY projects) or escape Silicon Valley to go hiking and rock climbing in the mountains.