Appearing all three days

Paul Blake

Paul has had an extensive career, spanning four decades, in Theatre, Film, TV, Radio, Audio Books together with running a corporate company for blue chip top 100 companies in Media, video and presentation.

Early days in Birmingham touring at the age of 12 in close harmony `boy band` appearing with Max Wall, Hilda Baker, Jewel & Warris, Donald Pearse and the iconic Wilson, Kepple & Betty! After payment in cash he realised a theatrical career beckoned. Was once backed in a Geordie Musical ( Hellfire ) by an unknown Sting!

Appearances in the theatre ranged from Londons West End in `The Brothers Karamazov `Knuckle` by David Hare and `Vanity`by Brighton Theatre Company and `Mr Beko` at Londons Roundhouse to fringe performance for The London Bubble Theatre, The Soho Poly The Almost Free Theatre The Royal Court The Kings Head and many more…..

He toured Europe and Asia in projects ranging from `Macbeth` ( Banquo ) in Hong Kong and `Waiting For Godot` ( Vladimir) to Charles Swann in a 4 hour version of Prousts `A la Recherche du Temps Perdu` Was asked by The Royal Shakespeare Company to play Nestor in Troilus and Cressida but went to a US convention! He played an American guest part in a long-running Asian syndicated TV drama ( Hong Kong Brothers)

He was also (with Damian Thomas – `Twins of Evil` and `The Pirate ) joint artistic director, for six seasons, of The Tivoli Theatre in Dorset.

His Star Wars `A New Hope` Greedo character is now a much loved icon worldwide having transmogrified into action figures,cartoons, parodies, games and guest spots ( Family Guy, Jay, and Silent Bob ) in many other media!

Lots of British TV and Films include `Hennessy` `Asylum` `Melissa` `Second Victory` `The Blond Bombshell` `Jackanory“The South Bank Show` `Wycliffe“ Down To Earth“ Harbour Lights` and the eponimous `Crossroads`

Recently seen promoting Ozzie and Sharrons reality TV series and reading audio books for the BBC including Bernard Cornwell,Conn Iggulden,Barbara Vine and Erlund Lo.

Paul lives in Dorset and Italy with ex actress and ballet dancer Kate Blake and occassionally allows his children home! Paul John Blake ( son no 3 ) is a triple Paralympic World Champion in 400 and 800 metres and Rio Paralympic Gold medalist.


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