Appearing all three days

Sanjoy Som

Dr. Som is a scientist, engineer, and social entrepreneur passionate about space exploration and astrobiology, and how these disciplines can increase STEM awareness and excitement among the public. He founded and is the CEO of the non-profit Blue Marble Space. Equipped with degrees in both engineering and physical science, and certificates in astrobiology and innovation & entrepreneurship, Dr. Som is a versatile Earth system scientist and aerospace engineer interested in interdisciplinary approaches to scientific problems. 


He has substantial geological fieldwork and numerical & geochemical modeling experience and has been actively involved with NASA space biology payloads as a systems engineer. With a passion for science communication, Dr. Som strives to bring the wonders of science to the interested public. In 2018, he joined the first cohort of scientists selected by the American Geophysical Union as “Voices for Science” ambassadors.


His current research activities include understanding the physical properties of the Earth’s ancient atmosphere using geological proxies and quantifying the link between environmental geochemistry and bioenergetics.